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Beste vouwfiets in 2024 – beoordelingen en tests door experts

Cycling is one of the most popular and healthy ways of commuting for modern urban dwellers. With the increasing number of bikes on the roads, bike manufacturers have gone ahead to create innovative bike designs that suit the lifestyle of people and their surroundings. Vouwfietsen, otherwise known as folding bikes, have become popular in the past years because of their portability, maneuverability and overall ease of use. If you plan to buy a Vouwfiets or folding bike in 2024, you must consider the model’s features, performance, and price. In this blog post, we will discover the best Vouwfiets in 2024 that has been tested and rated by experts in the industry.

Before we proceed, let’s understand why vouwfiets have become so popular in Europe. Many European cities face heavy traffic during rush hours and parking is a great hassle too. Vouwfiets has emerged as a solution where commuters can easily fold their bikes and carry them on public transport systems or by foot. A great vouwfiets must have features such as portability, ease of use, durability, and performance.

Brompton M6L

Brompton has been the most preferred Vouwfiets among city dwellers for many years. It is amazing to see how Brompton has consistently delivered quality folding bikes with great performance and portability. The M6L is part of Brompton’s 2024 line-up and has been designed to be even more user-friendly. It weighs only 12.3 kg, can be easily folded, and has 6-speed gears that are perfect for hilly terrains.

Dahon Eezz D3

Dahon is known for manufacturing high-quality bicycles that are durable and efficient. The Dahon Eezz D3 is a straightforward and user-friendly folding bike that comes with a frame geometry that is perfect for riding in urban areas. Its thin profile folding technology ensures that the bike remains optimally portable, and the 3-speed internal hub gear increases robustness, economy, and convenience.

Tern Verge X11

Tern Verge X11 is a premium Vouwfiets that is ideal for those who do not mind spending extra for a high-performance folding bike. Designed to ride fast, this model combines aero handling and the performance of a road bike with the convenience of a folding bike. It weighs in at a mere 9.6 kg, making it ultra-light, and the compact foldable design makes it convenient to carry and store in small spaces.


Bergmonch is a Vouwfiets designed for thrill-seekers who want to explore off-road terrains and trails. It can be quickly folded and converted into a backpack, allowing hikers to climb steep and rugged terrain without compromising on mobility. The Bergmonch is equipped with a Shimano 8-speed hub gear that provides smooth and efficient gear changes. It is an innovative solution for those who want to enjoy cycling and hiking in equal measure.

Strida LT-001 Folding Bike

Strida is a popular vouwfiets manufacturer known for creating innovative and affordable folding bikes. The Strida LT-001 is a lightweight, compact folding bike suitable for urban commuters. Its unique tensioner system ensures that the bike remains stable, even when used on the roughest of roads. It is equipped with one-speed gear, which is perfect for flat surfaces.

Vouwfietsen are the perfect solution for urban dwellers who want to avoid traffic and reduce their carbon footprint. When buying a vouwfiets in 2024, consider factors such as the bike’s features, performance, and price. We hope that our review of the best Vouwfiets in 2024 that has been tested and rated by experts has given you great insights on what to look for when buying a folding bike. Remember, getting the best vouwfiets that meets your needs is vital, so be sure to choose wisely as investing in a good quality vouwfiets is always worth it.